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Nurtured by firm conviction the seeds we've planted are blooming our desire to help rooted in the simple thought: We, too, are part of the world. Expertise in diverse arts and humanitarian aid married with the spirit of dedication and service has enabled us to create realms of cooperation blind to nationality, skin color and politics. May our urge to give a helping hand, to reach out and touch the heart continue bearing fruit the world over.

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The Society of Wilderness

Established in 1996, The Society of Wilderness (SOW) was founded by a group of civilians living in Taiwan. Members include teachers, doctors, managers, housewives, students, retirees, accountants, salespersons, and people from every sector and social class. As one of the prominent grassroots NGO, SOW’s mission is focus in nature education and conservation.

Except for headquarter in Taipei, SOW has 9 branches in different counties, 2 overseas  offices and 2 overseas preparation offices.  For the past 10 years, we have trained nearly 9000  members, with increase about 1000 members per year. As a result, SOW has become the largest non-government nature conservation and education organization in Taiwan.

From The Society of Wilderness (SOW)

Chen Shu-chu

(陳樹菊; born in 1951) is a vegetable vendor in Taitung Central Market in Eastern Taiwan. She gives generously with her modest incomes. She was selected as one of the Time 100 for year 2010 in the Heroes category. She is also one of the 48 heroes of Philanthropy by Forbes Asia. Reader's Digest also honors her as the winner of 2010 Asian of the year.

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