Taiwan Festival

2016 Sydney Taiwan Festival
Venue 地點: Victoria Ave, Chatswood
Sep 10 2016 Sat 10am-9pm
Sep 11 2016 Sun 10am-4pm
Opening: Sep 10 Sat 12pm

Taiwan Festival

Splendid Taiwan

Creative, Diligent, energetic, splendid and warm-hearted are some of the words to describe Taiwan and its people. On 7th of Septembe 3pm-9pm / 8th of September 10am-6pm at Darling Harbour Tumbalong Park, you are invited to come and experience the best of Taiwan without travelling far.

Taiwan Festival 2011 is a first time ever event in Sydney to showcase Taiwan. Local successful businesses, that were established by people with a Taiwan background, will exhibit their products. Everything you want to know about Taiwan, cultural, tourism, religions etc can be found here. Taiwan is also known for its variety of distinctive and Gourmet cuisines. You can taste traditional Taiwanese dishes and street food, dessert, vegetarian food and lots more.

On the stage, there will be lots of singing and dancing from various talented individuals and groups based in Australia or from Taiwan. Both traditional and modern arts as well as the culture will surprise you. The lion troupe, Eight Generals and Techno Prince Nezha Dance, Hip Hop street dance, rock music, just to name a few.

Bring your family and friends for a great fun day out. Be part of the fun. There will be Interactive games suitable for everyone in the family, free fun rides on two people mover trains all day around Darling Harbour, show bags and 100 lucky door prizes will be drawn every hour.

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