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Top Taiwan Global Brands 2010

Following last year’s success in the face of global economic adversity, 2010 has seen Taiwanese brands furtherimprove their image to consumers and solidify bottom-line brand values. By embracing changes in customers’ lifestyles, attitudes and use of digital platforms and social networks, these key brands are set up for success as the global economy shifts toward stability. Taiwan’s forward-thinking brands are keeping up with diversification opportunities and market-savvy targeting to bolster their already-proved efficiency and global awareness.

Here are 2010’s frontrunners of Brand Taiwan, as ranked by Interbrand – the world’s largest brand consultancy.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: Acer
Company Name: Acer
Product: Consumer Electronics
Brand Value: 1,401 USD Millions
Website: Acer

Spearheading the netbook movement, Acer is surging ahead in market share and is now the global No. 2. Having surpassed Dell, Acer now finds itself up against Hewlett-Packard. Acer's success is due to its business strategy of cost-effective products, high volume together with lean operational overhead and a constant refresh of product lines. Having established itself as brand that is affordable, Acer is looking to grow its sales in China. It has signed a memorandum of understanding with Founder group in China (2nd largest domestic PC brand in China with 6.3% market share in 2009) to cooperate and enhance both parties' IT business.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: HTC
Company Name: HTC
Product: Consumer Electronics
Brand Value: 1371 USD Millions
Website: HTC

HTC, a global innovative smartphone company, initially made its mark as the company behind many of the most popular operator-branded devices on the market. Efforts in developing its own brand with the launch of the global “YOU” brand campaign in October 2009 based on its Quietly Brilliant brand positioning has paid off handsomely. It has achieved higher brand awareness among consumers, along with an association of being customer-centric and innovative. As the leading provider in Andriod handsets, HTC can also look forward to Andriod’s expected increase demand together with the overall increase in smartphone penetration. HTC’s a rising star to keep an eye on.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: ASUS
Company Name: ASUS
Product: Consumer Electronics
Brand Value: 1,285 USD Millions
Website: ASUS

As the No. 1 motherboard manufacturer in the world, Asus continues to expand its market share in motherboards and notebooks, with its own brand manufacturing business advancing rapidly in recent years. Asus has reinforced its commitment to being design-focused by having a website to showcase its design achievements, such as the iF design award and red dot design award. Asus, known for its Eee PCs, has also made effort to move into mainstream performance mobile PCs. Asus has managed to gain the No. 5 position in the global notebook market, with a 9% market share.

Year: 2010
Company Name: TREND MICRO
Product: Software
Brand Value: 1,228 USD Millions

As a leader in cloud-related technology, technology innovation has always been the driver of business growth for Trend Micro. Trend Micro was the first to extend threat protection from the desktop to the server and to the internet gateway. Trend Micro is now gradually shifting its business focus to technology support, offering real-time protection services to focused customers through the cloud. Its flexible solutions are powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network infrastructure-a next-generation innovation that combines sophisticated cloud-based technology, feedback loops, and the expertise of TrendLabs researchers to deliver real-time protection. The acquisition of humyo, an online storage and date synchronization company will give customers access to additional internet content security choices and benefits.

Year: 2010
Company Name: MASTERKONG
Product: Food & Beverage
Brand Value: 1,066 USD Millions

Master Kong is a leader in instant noodles, ready-to-drink teas, and bottled water in China. It is one of the most recognized consumer brands in China, and aims to be “the biggest group for Chinese instant food & beverage in the world”. With increasing wealth and sophistication of the Chinese market, Master Kong is shifting its focus to more mid- and high-end instant noodles to offer new varieties with added nutritional value.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: WANT-WANT
Company Name: WANT-WANT
Product: Food & Beverage
Brand Value: 482 USD Millions
Website: WANT-WANT

Want Want remains the largest rice cracker maker in the world and the largest kid’s milk maker in China. Keeping in line with its global objective to be the “Rice Dragon of the World”, Want Want will be reentering the instant noodle market in 2010 with its newly-developed, non-fried “Q” rice noodles.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: MAXXIS
Company Name: MAXXIS
Product: Tire & Rubber
Brand Value: 391 USD Millions
Website: MAXXIS

Global tire demand is robust and Maxxis is well-positioned to be the long-term winner benefiting from strong original equipment and replacement tire demand in China. There has been positive development for Maxxis in passenger car tires as it recently won orders at Benz Fujie, China. Maxxis’ thriving athlete sponsorship programme covers both grassroots and professional levels, supporting Olympians and weekend warriors. It also uses its sponsorship as portable laboratories to continually test and improve its products.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: GIANT
Company Name: GIANT
Product: Bicycle
Brand Value: 291 USD Millions
Website: GIANT

As bicycle demand picks up, Giant looks well-positioned in its industry to take advantage of the rebound. Giant’s expansion of its women’s brand “Liv/Giant”, wide distribution network and No. 1 imported brand status in numerous markets show the brand’s potential for strong growth moving forward. Its brand proposition is about inspiring adventures in others by delivering high quality bikes for the widest range of audiences regardless of location. Giant also sponsors the Rabobank teams, which includes three-time World Champion Oscar Freire, two-time Vuelta a Espana winner Dennis Menchov and current Cyclocross World champion Lars Boom.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: SYNNEX
Company Name: SYNNEX
Product: IT Product Distributor
Brand Value: 276 USD Millions
Website: SYNNEX

Founded over 20 years ago, Synnex is a leader in the IT distribution business. Synnex’s growth story is driven by riding on China’s fast growth and rising domestic consumption. Its key strength is its flexibility which originates from its densely woven, highly efficient logistics network. Synnex’s branding strategy is similar to Intel’s “Intel Inside” program-offering customers the assurance of good quality if it is “Chosen by Synnex".

Year: 2010
Company Name: TRANSCEND
Product: Computer Hardware
Brand Value: 240 USD Millions

Founded in 1988, Transcend has been focusing on developing its brand in consumer electronics. It has moved beyond creating a high-quality line of memory, flash, and storage products, to launching an innovative line of consumer electronics, including multimedia devices and the T.sonic™ series of MP3 players to enrich its product range. Some of the products have won globally recognized design and performance awards such as the red dot design award.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: Uni-President
Company Name: Uni-President
Product: Food & Beverage
Brand Value: 197 USD Millions
Website: Uni-President

Uni-President is Taiwan’s largest food and beverage brand. The brand is edging up in market share in China and its Southeast Asian presence is becoming more established. It has responded to consumer preference by introducing new products and SKUs. Coupled with its recent high-profile sponsorship agreement with the New York Yankees, Uni-President is gradually making its way onto the global stage.

Year: 2010
Company Name: ADVANTECH
Product: Computer Hardware
Brand Value: 197 USD Millions

Advantech is a leader in providing trusted ePlatform products and services. Advantech has always been an innovator in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, high-performance computing platforms, with their mission to empower innovation through trust-worthy ePlatform products and services, Advantech acquired German D-LoG and entered the in-vehicle market, which looks to grow 20% year on year. In terms of smart grid, it has partnered with China’s five wind power plants and four electricity plants to provide wind power and electricity monitoring systems.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: D-Link
Company Name: D-Link
Product: Network Hardware
Brand Value: 167 USD Millions
Website: D-Link

For over two decades, D-link has received global recognition for product design, performance, and innovation. With its motto “Building Networks for People”, D-Link strives to build network applications with unlimited potential to evolve networking to meet changing lifestyles. Transforming from a device driven company to an application driven company, D-Link is also leading the way in green networking. Its Xtreme NTM Storage Router won the Good Design Award-one of the world’s most prestigious industrial design awards, along with the iF and the red dot. This award-winning, all-in-one device provides an attractive proposition in bringing users flexibility, simplicity and energy savings.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: ZyXEL
Company Name: ZyXEL
Product: Network Hardware
Brand Value: 159 USD Millions
Website: ZyXEL

Launched in 1989, ZyXEL has transformed itself over the years from a top modem maker to a strong contender in the broadband solutions market. A recent 2010 recognition by the Taiwan Environment Protection Administration-”Carbon Footprint Label” recognizes ZyXEL’s endeavor in green technologies and it is the first networking equipment manufacturer to receive this honor.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: MERIDA
Company Name: MERIDA
Product: Bicycle
Brand Value: 146 USD Millions
Website: MERIDA

Merida is Taiwan’s second largest bicycle producer. Its focus on extensive R&D and product testing, and sponsorship of the award-winning Multivan-Merida Biking team continue to show Merida’s commitment to product and sporting excellence. Merida also boasts some of the most advanced carbon technology know-how in the world, with its dedicated product design office in Germany.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: JOHNSON
Company Name: JOHNSON
Product: Gym Equipment
Brand Value: 136 USD Millions
Website: JOHNSON

The No. 4 fitness company in the world, Johnson has a global presence in over 60 countries and markets its fitness products to different segments with its four brands: Johnson, Matrix, Vision and Horizon. As the global economy recovers and Johnson ramps up expansion beyond its core US market, there will be plenty of opportunity for future brand growth.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: GIGABYTE
Company Name: GIGABYTE
Product: Computer Hardware
Brand Value: 106 USD Millions

Gigabyte is proving itself to be a true leader in the global motherboard industry with its latest Unlocked Power and USB3.0 technologies. Gigabyte has reached an industry milestone of 1 million SuperSpeed USB (USB3.0) motherboards shipped, making Gigabyte the single most widely adopted SuperSpeed USB platform in the world. It has grown to become the world’s second largest motherboard manufacturer and with the resurgence in global demand, the future of Gigabyte is looking bright.

Year: 2010
Company Name: CYBERLINK
Product: Software
Brand Value: 104 USD Millions

Established in 1996, CyberLink is a major enabler of the connected digital lifestyle, providing user experience for today’s devices. As a company that prides itself on being innovative, CyberLink is currently the only software company to produce complete solutions that enable inside-the-home connectivity by allowing users to create and enjoy content across multiple devices connected to a home network. It also allows for outside-the-home connectivity by enabling remote access to user’s home media over the Internet. It is also the first in its category to couple its PC software with dedicated cloud services to enable users to enjoy media from the cloud within PC applications. Its products for 2010, such as PowerDVD10, MediaShow Espresso5.5, YouMemo, and YouPaint are poised for increased adoption as PC vendors roll out higher-end models.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: GENIUS
Company Name: GENIUS
Product: Computer Hardware
Brand Value: 68 USD Millions
Website: GENIUS

Genius is known for its award winning computer mouse and other computer peripherals. With its brand built around the idea of “Human Touch”, Genius’s tagline is “Live with Ideas”. Genius has diversified sales channels by introducing TV home shopping channels in America, Africa and India to market its products-which has paid off in increasing revenues and brand awareness. Genius is looking to continue strengthening its core competencies and products, and also develop strategic products like digital cameras and tablets.

Year: 2010
Brand Name: DEPO
Company Name: DEPO
Product: Automotive
Brand Value: 50 USD Millions
Website: DEPO

DEPO is the largest auto lamp provider in Taiwan and is Europe’s largest auto lamp supplier in revenue terms. Its exposure to China’s auto industry and close ties with local auto manufacturers puts its brand in a prime position to benefit from the significant growth expected there. DEPO’s dominance in non-original products and strong sales channels are key factors that have helped its brand become a global player in the auto parts industry.

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