Taiwan Festival

2016 Sydney Taiwan Festival
Venue 地點: Victoria Ave, Chatswood

Sep 10 2016 Sat 10am-9pm
Sep 11 2016 Sun 10am-4pm
Opening 開幕典禮: Sep 10 Sat 12pm

2015 Taiwan Festival 雪梨台灣日嘉年華

2015 Taiwan Festival
made by Sydney Darling Harbour Foreshore Authority
澳洲雪梨達令港官網宣傳 46 sec

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2016 Festival Ad

2016 Sydney Taiwan Festival - Bridging Cultures Embracing Beauty

The Sydney Taiwan Festival is back for another spring celebration. 2016 Sydney Taiwan Festival is officially announced to debut at Victoria Avenue in Chatswood on the 10th to 11th of September 2016.

Sydney Taiwan Festival is a festive combination of Taiwanese cuisines, cultures and arts. The Festival reflects the rich multicultural identity of Taiwan, and brings the vibrant artistic energy to light up the emerging Taiwan-Australian lifestyle within the Australian population, while bridging cultures between Taiwanese and Australian multicultural societies.

The event features the most authentic Taiwanese night market street food, children’s folklore and folk games, and several workshops on the traditional Taiwanese cultural arts, such as knead dough figurine, sugar-coated painting, handcrafted spring flowers and glove puppetry.

We have also invited performance groups from Taiwan, including modern Hakka band, Taiwanese Indigenous groups, Taiwanese folk song group and Taiwan temple troupes. They will be collaborating with several Australian performance groups to bring you the most exciting live stage performances.

This spring season is your only opportunity to experience the most authentic taste of Taiwan,Taiwanese cultures and splendid live performances. Feel the passion and embrace the beauty of Taiwan.

For more details please visit our FB: 雪梨台灣日 Sydney Taiwan Festival - www.facebook.com/taiwanfestival

We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Sydney Taiwan Festival!

看見台灣 文化亮點 -- 2016 雪梨台灣日嘉年華即將熱鬧開場

2016年雪梨台灣日嘉年華,即將於九月十日Sat (10am-9pm)及十一日Sun(10am-4pm),在 車士活 Chatswood火車站前主街 亮相。今年台灣日嘉年華理事會再次與 Willoughby City Council 以合作方式加入市政府九月舉辦的 Emerge, Willoughby Spring Festival 系列活動,為此春季活動添加更多色彩 ,讓澳洲當地民眾體驗台灣文化魅力,推廣台灣文化特色與美食觀光景點,更讓台澳兩地文化交流以及互利商機加以密切。


Supporters and Co-organisers

Willoughby City Council Westfield TSA

Sponsors (贊助者)

合環建設 Hehuan Group 台灣中小企銀 Taiwan Business Bank 台灣合庫銀行 Taiwan Cooperative Bank
玉山銀行 E. SUN Commercial Bank 兆豐銀行 Mega Bank 華南銀行 Hua Nan Bank
Sydney Representative Office
東元電機 TECO Wells International College
外交部 Min. of Foreign Affairs,
ROC Taiwan
僑務委員會 Overseas Community Affair Council,
ROC Taiwan
Corrective Service NSW
Willoughby Council Westfield 文化部 Ministry of Culture